Motorhome and camper rental in Lincolnshire

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How to prepare for your holiday?

This page is dedicated to giving you hints and tips as you prepare for your special motorhome and camper holiday.

Book camp sites

We are working with the Camping and Caravanning Club to give you free access as a 'privileged member' to their large network of campsites across the UK.

We recommend their site a Woodhall Spa for your first and/or last night as it is a short 20-30 minute drive from our collection/return site and is in a picturesque Edwardian Lincolnshire town with shops, outdoor swimming pool and a historic Kinema in the Woods, a cinema dating back to 1922.

Route planning

Planning your route is part of the fun of your holiday. Try the RAC route planner to help you with this. We suggest you don't overdo it and try to cover too much ground each day. 100-150 miles is usually more than enough. Don't forget to consider the roads you will be travelling on as negotiating a large vehicle on small country lanes can be challenging. Also, ensure you have considered any height restrictions such as low bridges and car park entry barriers. Many car parks offer separate facilities for motorhome parking.

Also consider your fuel filling stops. You should get anything between 350-500 miles per tank of fuel depending on how you drive.

What to bring?

Packing is always a challenge and we are always tempted to bring far too much which will add weight and increase your fuel consumption. Our motorhomes and campers are well equipped with most things we have thought are necessary and useful for your trip. Many campsites offer laundry facilities too! Our useful tips are:

> Pack clothes in soft bags. Clothes can be transferred to built in cupboards and the bags stored under seats or even left in your car when you collect the vehicle. Taking suitcases in a motorhome is not recommended.

> Buying food along the route is part of the fun. Trying local delicacies and to cook or eating out is part of the fun. Generally you won't need to bring food for your entire trip.

Prepare for collection

Get all your paperwork and documents in order. There is nothing worse than having to cancel a trip due to paperwork not being in order.

> UK Driving license - is it still clean? If in doubt ask us

> Non-UK driving license - bring with you any other documents we may asked for

> Travel insurance - it is a good idea to take out your own travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances