Choose Your Home from Home

The choice of motorhome or camper is up to your own personal preference. Our vehicles offer home comforts and some a bit more of a ‘camper feel’. Please look through the detailed specifications of each vehicle and think about where you plan to go, how you plan to use it, how many people. Is air conditioning important for you when plugged into 240v electricity? In which case ‘Raleigh’ will be perfect. Or, is a waist high fixed bed important to you? In which case Columbus will suit you just fine.

Perhaps you are renting one of our vehicles on a ‘try before you buy’ basis. Many of our customers want to experience it first before venturing into camper or motorhome ownership. There will undoubtedly be many things you like about the vehicle you rent and some things you would like to change. Either way we will do our best to ensure you have an enjoyable time away.

We do from time to time upgrade our vehicles so there is frequently an option to buy. Please talk to us if you are interested in purchasing one of them.